A Guide to Public Transport and PPE


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live our lives, including how we travel. At Trusted PPE, we want to make travelling safer and easier for you and your family by sharing some of the key changes outlined by the UK Government regarding public transport and air travel that you should be aware of. Some changes are yet to take effect regarding air travel. 


It is critical that if you have coronavirus symptoms you refrain from all travel and immediately self-quarantine. 


In England, on Saturday 4th July, retail and hospitality began to reopen for business. We understand that many of you will look to venture out to enjoy life seemingly beginning to normalise. While some destinations may be within walking distance, we recognise many people will rely on public transport. The UK Government has outlined how we should travel to keep ourselves and others protected against infection during this next phase of easing lockdown. For further information and guidance following the new travel guidelines, please visit the GOV.UK website. 




Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, has made a statement regarding the new travel guidelines: 

“People should continue to avoid public transport wherever possible. But, as restrictions are carefully eased when it is safe to do so, it’s likely that we will see more people needing to use public transport.”

“So, while respecting social distancing and maintaining good hand hygiene remain the most important steps we can all take to stay safe, wearing a face covering can play a role in helping us to protect each other.”

“This is about the small changes we can take to help control the virus, which is why I urge everyone using transport to wear a face covering, to help keep us all safer.”


The Government also announced social distancing guidelines have changed. It is now recommended that if you cannot keep a 2-metre distance, you should now try to maintain a 1-metre distance while taking appropriate precautions such as wearing a face mask and carrying antibacterial gel. 


It is now mandatory to wear a face mask when traveling by bus, coach, train, tram, ferry, and aircraft. Some people are exempt from this conduct, please visit the GOV.UK site for more information. 

In England, the Department for Transport and Government has announced that over 50 countries have now been classed as ‘low risk’, including France, Spain, Germany, and Italy, (view the full list of countries) and will be exempt from a travel quarantine from Friday 10th July. This will mean that people arriving from selected destinations will be able to enter England without needing to self-isolate for 14 days. 


The Government has outlined that while people may expect to be able to buy PPE within the airport, it is recommended that you bring your own PPE, and consider taking extra for longer journeys, along with something to store used masks inside. During air travel, it is compulsory to wear a face-covering on board an airline service across England and Scotland. It also recommended that, if you can do so, you should wear a face coving when entering the airport to keep yourself and others safe. 


When entering a different country, we recommended you check their COVID-19 procedures. Countries may differ in legal requirements for PPE when travelling. 

*Scotland and Wales have not yet announced whether they will be relieving travel quarantine restrictions. 


For further information or advice, please email us at info@trustedppe.co.uk