Coronavirus: Do I need a face mask for returning to work?

The UK Government's COVID-19 recovery strategy is encouraging people in England to start returning to work. This is expected to start with the likes of workers in the construction industry and will soon move on to those working in hospitality and retail. With this increased mobility due to the public returning to work, the government is now advising the nation to wear face coverings. The evidence suggests a face covering does not entirely protect you, but protects others from the spread of the virus.

Watch our short video below which explains how wearing a mask at work will reduce your contagion probability and help prevent the spread of the virus.

We’ve put together some informative Q&As which should help you understand when you will need a face mask when returning to work.

I need to take public transport to work. Should I wear a mask on public transport?

Yes, you should wear a face mask or a face covering if you need to take public transport to work. Public transport is classed as an enclosed space and in the UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy it clearly states that face coverings should be worn to prevent the spread of the virus. The recommended personal protective equipment for traveling on public transport is Trusted PPE’s civilian face masks.

Should I wear a mask whilst I am at work?
Social distancing is not always possible whilst at work, and the new Government guidelines explicitly state that if and when you cannot social distance, you must be protected with a face covering. Trusted PPE’s civilian masks are advised for such scenarios. Examples could be if you are a construction worker working in a crowded or small space, or you are an office worker working in an enclosed room where social distancing measures cannot be adhered to.

Which mask should I wear and what is the difference between the variations of protective mask?

If you are looking to purchase masks for yourself or workforce, but are unsure as to which mask type is right, you can read our guide which explains our four types of face masks and the level of protection each mask will give you.


I am an employer/business owner. Should I protect my employees and customers by providing face masks?

To ensure the safety and wellbeing of your employees and/or customers, and to minimise the chance of the virus spreading amongst your workforce, we would strongly suggest that you provide your employees with personal protective equipment if you can. If your area of work is enclosed and you work in a customer-facing industry, you must adhere to Government guidelines and ensure your staff members wear protective equipment. 


Trusted PPE offers four types of face masks, two types of hand sanitisers and protective gloves which you can purchase for yourself and workforce. Units of up to 5,000 can be purchased here on our website, but for those wanting to order over 5,000 units, please email

For further information on how to remain safe in the workplace, the UK Government has released 8 informative guides covering a range of different types of work which specify how you can work safely during coronavirus.