COVID-19 Update: New restrictions across North England

Following the Government's announcement on Friday 31st July, there have been changes made across the North of England regarding new lockdown measures. At Trusted PPE we understand these rules will affect many of you, your business and your loved ones. So that you can stay safe and informed, here's everything you need to know:

Where do the new lockdown restrictions apply? 

Greater Manchester, East Lancashire, and West Yorkshire. 

To view the full list of affected areas, visit

What are the new lockdown restrictions?

The UK Government has announced the areas affected by the new lockdown restrictions will no longer be able to meet people from other households within a private house or garden setting. Hospitality and retail premises such as pubs, restaurants, cafes, and shops will be staying open, however, you should not be socialising with people from other households within these settings. The Government has explained that if you live inside the affected area, you can still travel to and from work, however, it has been advised that you do not travel to other areas of the UK until given further notice

What are the new restrictions for meeting up with people in my area? 

In line with the guidelines across the rest of England, you can still meet in public outdoor spaces in groups of no more than six people from two different households at once. 

There are exceptions for people who have created a social bubble. If people from a single adult household have formed a support bubble with family members or friends, you will still be able to meet with these people indoors and outdoors. 

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Combined Authority has commented on these new restrictions: “The more we stick to the new guidelines and drive the R rate down, the quicker they will be removed. Please do not visit someone else’s home or garden unless you have formed a support bubble. Do not meet outdoors in groups of more than six. Please wash your hands thoroughly and as often as possible.”

Who will be enforcing the new restrictions? 

From 31 July 2020, if you live in these affected areas you should be following the new restrictions when meeting people that you do not live with. These restrictions will be enforced by the local police, there will be penalties of up to £100 for people who do not abide by these rules 

What about the rest of England?

Outside of these affected areas the rules remain the same. You are allowed to meet up to six people from two different households, in a public space, private garden and house. Social distancing must be kept between people who do not come from the same household. For full guidelines visit

For more information and guidance if you live within these affected areas, please go to 

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