Do Face Masks Protect Against Coronavirus?

The government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy highlights the latest advice suggesting the UK’s general public should wear face coverings in order to combat the spread of the virus. Although evidence suggests that wearing a face mask does not entirely protect the wearer, it will protect a further spread of COVID-19.

It is now clear that as restrictions begin to slowly ease throughout the UK, wearing a protective face mask is one small step we can all take towards going back to our everyday lives, should that be doing your weekly food shop, taking the bus to work, or visiting your local garden centre. The latest Government statements bring forward many questions for the public regarding face masks such as, which mask should I wear and what is the difference between the variations of protective masks? Trusted PPE is here to support you, offering expert guidance and support. 

Trusted PPE currently stocks four different types of protective and surgical masks, Civilian Face Mask, Surgical Face Mask, KN95 Filtering Face Mask and FFP3 Face Mask (EN149 Certified). Listed below are the key features of each mask and their purpose.

Who should wear a Civilian Face Mask?
The Civilian mask is designed for use in public areas, this includes but is not limited to public transport, airports and supermarkets. This type of face mask is recommended for the general public’s everyday use and protection against the spread of coronavirus.


Who should wear a Surgical Face Mask?

Surgical masks are recommended for caregivers or those showing virus symptoms. The disposable masks are designed to protect against germs, fluids and dust. Surgical masks are ideal for use in public areas such as transportation, airports, busy streets and supermarkets. 

Who should wear a KN95 Filtering Face Mask?

Due to durability and high protection, the KN95 filtering masks are more commonly used by caregivers in home, healthcare and medical settings as opposed to everyday use. This type of mask is designed to protect against airborne particles, germs, bacteria, droplets, dust and more. 


Who should wear a FFP3 Face Mask (EN149 Certified)?

The FFP3 face masks are valved filtering masks that are recommended when protection of the respiratory system is required. This type of mask is for single use only, however, the durability allows for a longer weartime. The FFP3 mask has been designed to fit a wide range of face shapes comfortably and adapts with facial movements, allowing greater communication between staff or workers. The FFP3/N99 grade offers more protection than FFP1 or FFP2 masks and meets the strict guidance from the World Health Organisation.

To see full specifications of each of the four masks mentioned above, please visit our dedicated face mask product pages. For further information or advice regarding any of our products, please email a member of our team at or visit our FAQ page.