Fit 2 Fly Tests: Everything You Need to Know

Going on holiday? There is a new addition to the routine holiday checklist this year. Most countries around the world now require you to show a vaccine passport, PCR or Antigen negative test result. 

At Trusted PPE, we want to help you get back to enjoying everyday life - holidays included - that's why we’ve introduced the Fit to Fly Antigen tests and online verification portal to make going on holiday as stress-free as possible. You can take these tests in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you. 

Right now, the information regarding international travel can be confusing, so we’ve pulled together a blog with everything you need to know so you can travel with confidence.  

Please note, whilst we aim to keep the travel information provided updated, the rapidly changing guidelines mean the entry requirements can change quickly. Always check the government website to check for the latest entry requirements for your country of destination. 

Which countries currently accept Fit to Fly Antigen tests? 

Antigen tests are currently accepted on entry to these popular holiday destinations from the UK: 

Can’t see the country you’re travelling to? Check the government website to see every country’s entry requirements.  

Can I take the tests on holiday with me? 

Yes, if Antigen Lateral Flow testing is accepted by the country of origin/return then ours will be perfect to put in your suitcase for return. 

Once you are ready to take your test, simply visit our Fit to Fly portal to start. Our online verification service is designed to get your certificate to you in under 24hrs. 

Please note, we advise that when travelling internationally with our Fit to Fly tests, they are placed in your hold luggage. Alternatively, if you are carrying them in your hand luggage, make sure to place the buffer liquid in the clear sealed bag when going through the security screening. 

Can I use the free NHS Rapid Tests to travel? 

No, the free NHS Rapid Tests cannot be used for foreign travel. To travel, you should complete a PCR or Antigen Lateral Flow test to get a ‘Fit to Fly Certificate’. Trusted PPE’s Fit to Fly Rapid Antigen Test & Certificate offer government-approved and CE certified tests, alongside an online verification portal to help get your ‘Fit to Fly Certificate’ to you in under 24hrs so you’re ready for take-off! 


If you need any help or guidance regarding your fit to fly tests, please get in contact via email at or message us on live chat (Mon-Fri from 8.30am to 5.00pm), and we’ll be happy to help!