Forest February Round-up

For the month of February, we committed to a tree-planting project with Ecologi to help offset our carbon emissions - this campaign was called Forest February. We are excited to announce that with your help, we have reached our target of 4000 trees planted over 4 weeks (that's a whopping 4 forests!).

And it didn't stop there, we also removed over 80 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere! 

If you purchased Kids Masks, Snoods and/or Antibacterial Wipes over the month of February, £1 from the sale of each of these products has been donated to tree planting and offsetting carbon through the funding of sustainability projects across the world.

So, what's the impact?

This month our campaign with Ecologi has directly impacted atmospheric CO2 levels on two global projects: 

Our 4000 trees have been planted in Marotaola, Madagascar as part of the Eden Reforestation Projects as they continue to sustainably reforest the island. Eden is a global leader in responsible reforestation, they have planted hundreds of millions of trees and support local communities. 

We are proud to be able to support projects like these happening all around the world, helping to protect the future of our planet. 

Come and visit our flourishing forest! Click here.

‘Programmes to preserve forest resources must start with the local people who are both victims and agents of destruction, and who will bear the burden of any new management scheme. They should be at the centre of integrated forest management.’ (Brundtland Commission, 1987) - Ecologi.

What’s next? 

On Tuesday, a roadmap out of lockdown for much of the UK was announced. Hopefully, life could return to a level of normality by summertime. This will open the doors to us being able to start combating climate change and protect the environment at a national level. We aim to run nature conservation, tree-planting and litter picking projects around the UK. Keep an eye out for our next green venture… 

Meanwhile we will be continuing to support Ecologi, nurturing and growing our forests as we become a climate positive workforce!