How to dispose of your single-use masks

Over the past few years we have seen face masks become an essential accessory to everyone's handbag or coat pocket. Whilst they are paramount at protecting people from the virus, they are now littering our highstreets and countryside. 

Due to the material disposable face masks are made from (polypropylene), throwing away PPE poses a problem for our environment. 

Wilko has launched a fantastic new scheme that will allow customers to drop off used, disposable face masks so they can be recycled and reused as everything from building and safety materials and even new furniture. Find out more here.



So, where can I recycle my masks? 

Over 150 Wilkos stores nationwide will have specialised bins for customers to dispose of their single-use masks in after browsing the store and exiting. 

To bring this scheme to fruition, Wilko has partnered up with Scan2Recycle and ReWorked, to give customers masks a new purpose and stop them from being littered. 

"Helping us all to #ReclaimTheMask"

Find a store near you to dispose of your masks, here.


What happens to my masks? 

Once the bins are full, they are collected and quarantined for 72-hours, then shredded down into raw materials. This is then sustainably refashioned into a variety of furnishing and building materials. 

In response to the latest scheme, Jerome Saint Marc, chief executive at Wilko, said: "One of our core values is to show we care and, we understand the importance of climate change to our customers who expect us to take-action on their behalf and make better choices about caring for the environment.

That’s why we’re thrilled to have developed this scheme, which makes it super simple for shoppers to safely recycle a product which is often unavoidably discarded as a result of us all taking steps to protect the health of everyone around us.”

You’ll be pleased to know that Trusted PPE disposable face masks can also be disposed of in these Wilko bins. Next time you purchase from us, we’d like to encourage you to take your used masks to the Wilko in-store drop-points so they can be recycled and reused.