How to Safely Wear a Protective Face Mask

With the recent announcement that face coverings are to be mandatory on public transport in England from June 15th, as well as new guidance submitted by the World Health Organisation on face masks, Trusted PPE understands that individuals will be conscious of where to source trustworthy, quality masks as well as how to wear a mask safely. Trusted PPE is here to support by offering four types of protective adult face masks and children’s face masks (available in stock from June 15th), for the whole nation to access.

As a business, we also take pride in offering the public our expert advice and guidance on topical questions such as, ‘Do face masks protect against coronavirus?’ and ‘Do I need a face mask for returning to work?’.

Wearing a face mask when out in a public area is now becoming a mandatory part of our everyday lives, therefore it’s important that as a nation we follow the steps and guidance set out by the World Health Organisation (WHO), on how to wear protective and medical face masks in a safe manner. Wearing a face mask protects you from spreading the virus amongst the people around you and significantly decreases your contagion probability. Therefore it is imperative that as a nation, we are proactive in our usage of PPE.

What are the safe steps I should follow when wearing a mask?
The World Health Organisation have outlined various steps a person can follow to ensure a mask is safely worn. To summarise, we have listed the key points below:

  • Always thoroughly wash your hands before touching and applying the mask
  • Before applying the mask, inspect for any tears or holes which may reduce protection
  • Ensure the stiff edge located in the middle of the mask is covering your nose
  • Apply the mask so that it covers your mouth, nose and chin
  • Avoid touching and coming into close contact with the mask once applied
  • Upon removal, keep the mask away from yourself and any surfaces that others may come into contact with
  • Dispose of the mask immediately, preferably into a closed bin
  • Wash your hands after removing and disposing of the used mask

  • How to wear a mask

    (Image source: World Health Organisation 2020)

    What should I not do when wearing a mask?
    There are also various steps and measures you should avoid to reduce putting yourself at risk when wearing a mask. We have summarised the key points below for what a person should not do when wearing and using a mask:

    • Do not apply a ripped, dirty or damp face mask
    • Upon application of the mask, do not wear the mask only over mouth or nose
    • Do not wear the mask loosely fitted
    • Avoid continuously touching the front of the mask, this includes avoiding removing the mask to talk to someone or other factors that would require you to come into close contact with the mask
    • Upon removal, do not leave the mask within reach of others or on a surface where someone may come into contact with it

    How to wear a face mask

    (Image source: World Health Organisation 2020)



    WHO has also created a dedicated landing page on their website for the public to access which hosts a variety of downloadable, informative assets of when and how to use masks.

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