Is it over?

So is that it? Is the pandemic 'over'?

With the announcement that all Covid restrictions are ending a full month earlier than expected, we’re all facing decisions choices on what we do next. 

Some people had already stopped wearing masks in shops day-to-day weeks ago but many are still fearful. 

I heard one caller to a national radio show last week talk about her “fear at going back to square one” and another questioned how little national dialogue is given to those with long Covid. Many of Trusted PPE's more vulnerable customers tell us about their concerns, meaning their journey 'back to normal' is much more tricky and relies on the behaviour of those around them.

It’s true we have to restore our normal way of life as quickly as possible as there are so many sectors who rely on a much-needed recovery. But one of the more baffling aspects of pandemic was the number of mask refusers, who'd contact Trusted PPE in anger, as though wearing a mask was such an assault on our freedom or liberties? A piece of cloth to being asked to help protect the vulnerable while shopping? 

The science has always led the way we’re told but NHS Confederation, World Health Organization and British Medical Association disagree with the removal of restrictions at this point. Dr Michael Head, a senior research fellow in global health at the University of Southampton, said the current plans were the “latest in a long line of reckless policies”.

“Keeping some measures in place, including, for example, the requirement to wear masks in indoor spaces and requirements to self-isolate for a few more weeks would be helpful,” he said.

We all have a choice. So what will you do?