It’s our birthday...

...but feel free to hold the cake. 

It would be correct to say that we never thought Trusted PPE would turn one. What started as a way to bring much needed PPE supplies to the public at the height of the pandemic has become a shoulder to lean on for so many during what has been one of the most turbulent years in recent history. We’re reminiscing, rather than celebrating, this birthday and Trusted PPE turning one. In fact, we’re celebrating every one of our customers who have helped support something much bigger than supplying masks and hand sanitiser. So get comfortable and a slice of cake if you have one to hand, this birthday is for you.

We’ve been lucky enough to help protect almost 50,000 customers over the last 12 months, stretching to every corner of the U.K. Trusted PPE was founded on the basis of integrity, honesty and transparency to help level a market that, at the start of the pandemic, was hiking prices and charging overzealous amounts for items that were paramount to public safety. We vowed never to do this, instead, charging fair prices and trying to do a little good in the world. Here’s what we got up to try to make the world a brighter place at such a difficult time.




Helping University Students


In September 2020, students were given the green light to head to universities across the country in a bid to get back to normal. Sadly, this had the effect of increasing transmission rates and many students were required to isolate. As we watched events unfold, we couldn’t help but empathise with those stuck inside university halls in isolation, often without food or access to any kind of help and unable to leave. It was certainly a far cry from any of the freshers events those of us from the office experienced at university. So we jumped into action and knew we had to help. With backing from companies like Dominos and the help of some quick thinkers at The University of Nottingham and Northumbria University, we put together 500 student care packages to be distributed to students in isolation. 




The start of the pandemic saw a global shutdown of industry as stay at home orders were put in place and borders closed. Finally, the planet was allowed a respite, albeit a small one, from our emissions, waste and general pollution. Disposable masks have an important part to play in the fight against coronavirus, but we’re certainly not blind to the effects that they have had on the planet and the waste they generate. During February, we ran a campaign titled Forest February with the aim of inspiring our customers to purchase products that would contribute to tree planting. It worked, by the end of February, we had planted over 4000 trees! We’ve also shared the brilliant campaign from Wilkos, who in partnership with Scan2Recycle and ReWorked, have helped make recycling face masks that much easier. 




The unwavering support we’ve received from our customers has also allowed us to support our chosen charity for the year, Mind Nottinghamshire. We ran a campaign through the month of March, aptly named Mind March, to raise funds for the charity. Mind have been an invaluable outlet for many during the pandemic, allowing those dealing with mental health issues a place to go to get help or simply talk to somebody. Our customers' support of the campaign was delightful to see, with £910 being raised for the charity.

It’s been a whirlwind of a year, with everyone affected in some way. We thank you for your support over the last 12 months. We’ll continue to offer help, advice, support and PPE items for as long as they’re required in the fight against coronavirus.