Join us to fight the fee on PPE

Following the latest announcement from the UK Government, which states mandatory items such as protective face masks, gloves and visors will no longer be exempt from the 20% sales tax as of 1st November 2020. However, we are continuing to put people before profits by maintaining the same pricing structure that the public has had access to since launching the business earlier this year.


Subsequently, we will not be increasing our prices for the time being, covering the cost of VAT for our customers. This forms part of a campaign to fight for a U-turn on the Government’s decision, whilst continuing the battle for fairly priced, high-quality PPE.


Our Co-Founder, Trent Peek, explains, “Inflating the cost of PPE items will result in the UK public overpaying for what is an essential everyday item. This change comes at a time when financial strain is on the increase as many cities and towns across the nation are moved into tier 3 restrictions, and millions of people are at risk of unemployment. Trusted PPE has been battling for fairly priced PPE items since launching the online business in early 2020, and we now want to call on the UK Government to rethink this decision to continue to put the safety and protection of the country and our customers first.”


Our Co-Founder, Richard Ardis, said, “When we heard the news regarding the proposed changes in VAT for PPE, my initial reaction was anger and disappointment. As a business, our model is driven by our consumers and it's these people who are at the heart of our strategy, and so we’re disheartened by the financial implications this decision may cause for many households. We are hoping that by taking action now, campaigners may encourage a U-turn in the Government's decision. Our campaign is about fairness and doing the right thing and I think it’s important we remember that we’re still all in this together. We’ve decided that for the time being, some of our products such as face masks, clear face shields, aprons and gloves will retain the same pricing as in previous months. This essentially means that we as a business will take the hit and not our customers, hopefully giving enough time for change to be implemented.”

Fight the Fee on PPE

To support our campaign and fight for fairly priced PPE, sign the petition to help extend the VAT exemption on PPE items.