Meg’s Homemade Christmas Cake

This year our festive celebration may look a little different. We'll all be finding new ways  to reconnect with loved ones, maybe through a competitive game of zoom monopoly or attempting to make some of your grandma's mouth watering recipes! We asked our multi-talented baker, origami queen and customer operations manager, Meg, to share her secret Christmas cake recipe with us…

“One of my key Christmas traditions is making my Christmas Cake. It is the start of my traditions every year. It brings back fond memories of helping my mum bake the family Christmas Cake when I was a little girl. I use the same recipe still, written out by my mum that was formerly stuck on the inside cover of one of her recipe books. 

Now in my family, you will not find some beautiful white snow scene laboriously made out of icing on our cake. We cannot do that on ours, as rather than covering it in marzipan and icing, we always had ours covered in marzipan and melted Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate! For any purists amongst you that have just gasped in horror, let me explain! My mum had to start using chocolate as my sister and I hated icing and would (apparently) never touch the cake if mum had used icing. So our tradition began and once visitors got over their initial confusion of having Christmas cake covered with chocolate instead of icing we had a few converts. 

So back from memory lane, I am now in charge of the Christmas Cake and generally follow tradition with two exceptions:

1) I am never as organised as my mum and have it done in September as she always did. Mine gets made generally in November nowadays.

2) I definitely use more booze than my mum ever did and will use pretty much what I have to hand that is strong enough.

But everything else is the same - it still has to be Cadbury's Dairy Milk chocolate too. 

My cake is done and ready for "feeding" with additional brandy over the next few weeks. There is a lingering smell in my kitchen of mixed spice, boozy soaked fruit and freshly baked cake, a taste in the air of the festive season on the horizon. 

As always, I made a large family size cake, because I have to share it with family and friends as usual - in fact, one friend has double-checked that Covid will not disrupt the usual cake delivery just before Christmas. This year it is more important than ever to make an effort and homemade cake is a good way of letting someone know you care. Don't worry, my mum will get some too!”

Share your Christmas traditions or secret recipes! Drop a message to our email at or on our social media, we’d love to hear from you and how you are overcoming this year’s trials and tribulations to celebrate Christmas. 


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