Mind March Round Up

During these unprecedented times and compiled with the COVID-19 pandemic, the issue of mental health seems acutely relevant and crucial. The pandemic has affected how we live our lives, and therefore it is more important than ever that we shine a light on the ever-mounting issue of mental health so that we can help bring support and guidance to those that need it most. 

Our team at Trusted PPE is passionate about wellbeing and mental health. To help raise awareness, we ran a month-long fundraising campaign called Mind March to support our chosen local charity, Nottinghamshire Mind. 

Throughout this campaign, we donated £1 of our 4 top products sold to the charity. This money will go towards mental health provisions and services for communities in Nottinghamshire. 

We are excited to announce that with your help we have raised £910 for Nottinghamshire Mind!



Our Co-Founder, Richard Ardis, commented: “When Trusted PPE came into fruition, we never wanted it to be just a PPE company. We wanted to be able to have a positive impact on our tens of thousands of customers, their protection and wellbeing during a difficult 12 months.

We are delighted to support a charity such as Mind; most importantly, one that is close to home, our local Nottinghamshire Mind.

Nottinghamshire Mind has been offering fantastic support and advice for people struggling with mental health pre-COVID, and we are in admiration of the dedicated service they have continued to provide during the pandemic.

We’d like to thank all our customers who purchased any of the featured products that helped us raise £910 to help support the valuable work being carried out by Mind."

Over the next few months we’ll be continuing to support Nottinghamshire Mind, stay tuned for our next fundraising event!