We're fighting the fee on PPE

Putting our customers first: We fight against Mask-Tax

The UK Government has recently announced they will be reintroducing a 20% VAT on mandatory PPE items such as protective face masks, gloves and visors from the 31st October.

At Trusted PPE, we don't think this is the right decision and we're urging the government to perform a U-turn. The change comes at a time when financial strain for families up and down the country is on the increase and the governments furlough scheme comes to an end. It is a disappointing, unfair and an ill-timed decision and we believe action must be taken.

We've fought hard to provide our customers access to fairly priced PPE items, taking on high street names in the fight against PPE profiteers. It is now the government who are seeking to profiteer from the pandemic by collecting taxes on mandatory items, at a time when face coverings are a legal requirement and the UK and Europe are grappling with a second wave.

We pledge not to increase any prices to PPE items for the time being, meaning the VAT increase is not passed on to anyone purchasing from Trusted PPE.

This allows our customers much deserved access to fair-priced PPE items, as well as giving the government time to reverse this decision.

You too can help show support for the fight against Mask-VAT campaign by joining us and the 80,000 people who have already signed and shared the petition below.


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