The Future of Events

This year we’ve all missed festivals, music concerts and so much more. In a year that's changed our perspective on close contact events, how can we expect to go back to safely enjoying events post-Covid? 


The industry has been one of the worst hit during the pandemic, because of this, it's having to adapt quickly.

Here are 3 ways we think events might change post-Covid. 


1. You’ll be asked for more than your ID. 

As events and nightclubs get back on their feet, many places will be integrating extra Covid precautions to ensure they protect their businesses. 

In light of the Covid rules being lifted on July 19th, the government has advised that nightclubs, pubs, and any events organisations should accept a ‘Covid Passport’ as a means to allow entry into a venture. Find out more.


2. Virtual events will be the future. 

During the pandemic, many organisations have altered their event experience from in-person to virtual due to the increasing number of Covid infections, lockdowns, and restrictions. 

Technology has helped us stay connected this year. Zoom, Teams and other virtual platforms have brought events and concerts to our living rooms, and they are continuing to change the face of the events industry.

However, digital events can not replace the in-person experience, and we know they will slowly make a return in some form or another. 

But one takeaway from the pandemic is that virtual experiences can be incredibly valuable.


3. Hygiene standards will hang around. 

This year we’ve all been reminded how important it is to wash our hands regularly, avoid touching our faces and unknown surfaces; these hygiene practices have proven to be second to none in stopping the spread of the virus. 

As events, nightclubs and pubs open up, Covid hygiene practices will continue to be advertised and advised, and will become critical in events being able to run safely. 


If you are an event organiser or venue looking to place commercial orders for PPE products, please contact us here.