The Future of Travel

What's one thing you’ve missed this past year and a half? Holidays? Yup, us too.

For most of us, this is the longest we’ve gone without a holiday. 

Since the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world, many countries were thrown into lockdown and travel bans enforced, resulting in the travel industry being one of the worst affected. 

After months of cabin fever, our hopes were restored when the news broke of the successful vaccine developments; the world focused on getting back on its feet and in the good stead for returning to 'normal life'. 

But will travel ever be the same? Here are 5 ways we’re expecting travel to change.


Face masks are here to stay. 

For many of us, when we’re travelling in close proximity to others, we’ll be keeping the mask on. Whilst using a mask has not only become habitual; it also gives people a sense of security for their health, whilst providing physical protection from germs and viruses. 

So, it looks like they will be here to stay for the foreseeable future. Will you still wear a mask when the mandate is lifted? Let us know here.

You won't travel if you're sick.

We’ve all become very aware of our health. If you’re suffering from hayfever, you have probably had some weird and scathing looks when coughing, sneezing or wiping your nose, right? 

Turns out there's a brewing social stigma around people who are unwell, but with good reason. 

All of the current advice for travel states that you should completely avoid travelling if you are unwell. This is to prevent the spread of contagious viruses and diseases that may go undetected. Find out more.

So save the funny looks and rest up before you venture on holiday. 

You’ll need more than your passport. 

Many countries are now having to consider more than just checking your passport when allowing you into the country. The travel industry is at a critical point; they need to restore trust into the industry to safeguard our health, jobs and economics. 

In the UK, the ‘NHS Covid Passport’ has been in use since May 17th, when the ban on non-essential travel was lifted. The passport itself comes in the form of an App, designed by the NHS to log your vaccine records. 

Since the vaccine rollout has proved a success, there has been a real push for a worldwide 'health pass' to help get international travel back on its feet. Find out more. 


New sustainable habits will change how we travel.  

We’ve all become more environmentally conscious. In recent surveys conducted on consumer habits, an increasing number of people are now shopping and travelling more environmentally friendly. 

Flying, in particular, is considered one of the most CO2 emitting modes of transport, even a relatively short return trip from London to Rome carries a carbon footprint of 234kg of CO2 per passenger. With a recent Guardian article showing how emissions caused by aviation travel could triple in the next three decades, there is no surprise that people are wanting greener and more sustainable ways of travelling.  


It’s all about road trips and staycations.

As we move into a more carbon-conscious era, the way we travel really matters. 

Lockdown has definitely changed our perspectives of our home countries. We’ve learnt to appreciate our surroundings more, and find little pockets of heaven to satisfy that need for adventure, but without the carbon footprint (or price tag!). 

We may start to opt-out of booking multiple trips a year and instead enjoy one long summer holiday, mixed with small staycations and road trips around the UK.

We're definitely not complaining about that! 


Are you going abroad, or enjoying a staycation this summer? 

We’re here to help you get back to enjoying life post-covid.

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