Trusted goes GREEN

At Trusted PPE, we cannot ignore the impact we have had on our climate. This year has seen an unprecedented need for protection and hygiene products due to the coronavirus pandemic. Whilst these items have proven paramount in suppressing the spread of the virus, they have also exacerbated the ever-mounting problem of waste. 

“With the new year comes the opportunity for change… If we act in 2021, we can restore our fragile home and make it a Happy New Year for all the inhabitants of planet Earth.” Sir David Attenborough.

Our parent company, CCM Group, has proudly started taking its first steps to become a Climate Positive Workforce in 2021. They have kicked off this venture with a large-scale tree planting and carbon reduction project through Ecologi to offset each of their employee’s carbon footprint in both work life and personal life. We are proud to announce we will be joining CCM Group on this venture to offset Trusted PPE’s carbon footprint and create our very own Trusted Forest. 

But it doesn't stop there. CCM Group has also established a dedicated Green Team, who will be involved in quarterly sustainable events such as town tidy-ups, beach cleans and much more. We are so proud that two members of Trusted PPE (Chloe and Jamie) have been selected to join this incredible team!



So, what are we doing to help the environment? 


To start our tree-planting milestone; for the month of February we will be donating £1 for each of the products sold (listed below) to our Ecologi forest: 

We aim to plant a forest a week which equates to 1000 trees. By the end of the month, we hope to have 4000 trees planted, and around 90 tonnes of CO2 removed from the atmosphere. This is the first of many exciting green-schemes we will be doing to protect our planet and offset our carbon impact... keep your eyes peeled for the next one! 


What can you do to help? 

By simply purchasing one of the three products listed above, you will be helping the Trusted Forest grow! You’ll be making a positive difference to climate change, helping to give you peace of mind next time you shop with us. We’ll also be posting weekly updates on our forest so you can see how you've made a difference!