Wearing a Face Mask: Top tips to avoid foggy glasses  

While face masks help us avoid unknowingly contracting or spreading coronavirus, millions of people who wear glasses are discovering the frustration of foggy lenses induced by wearing a mask. 

Why do my glasses fog up when I'm wearing a face mask? 

Body heat and airflow are to blame. Wearing a face mask compresses the hot air, expelled when breathing, through gaps around your mask, this creates condensation on the inside of your glasses. 

But how can I stop my glasses from fogging up?

We have compiled a list of top tips to help you avoid, and even stop, your glasses from getting foggy when wearing a face mask! Check out our advice below:

Make sure you mask fits correctly

*If your mask doesn't fit correctly there will be a higher quantity of air escaping. To avoid this, adjust the ear straps to create a snug fit around your face. Our Trusted PPE reusable masks have adjustable ear straps to ensure a comfortable fit. Some masks have a metal moldable nose clip to improve the fit, just pinch the mask around the bridge of your nose to secure the fit. 

Wipe your lenses 

*Use an anti-fogging solution to wipe your lenses. Alternatively, dish soap is extremely effective at preventing the occurrence of fog build-up on glasses. 

Adjust your glasses over your mask

*Pull your mask up on the bridge of your nose, then add your glasses over the top. This will block air from escaping and causing condensation on your glasses. 

Tape your mask

*If all else fails, it's time to try tape! Some articles have recommended using tape to seal the gaps across your nose and cheeks where the air is escaping. It's important to test which type of tape you want to use before applying to your face to check for skin irritation. Medical or surgical tape is recommended as it's made for contact with human skin. This is also a well-known trick used by doctors! 



Are you having trouble finding a mask that is comfortable to wear with glasses?

Our Trusted PPE reusable masks have adjustable earlobes to improve the fit for glasses wearers. These masks are suitable for all face sizes including men, women, and children. The high-quality elastic ear loop allows longer wear time, especially suitable for shopping, commuting, or travelling.

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