What are you grateful for?

Despite 2020 being a whirlwind of announcements and restrictions, it's forced us to slow down and be grateful even for the littlest of things. Our expressions of gratitude during the coronavirus pandemic reveals how we’re helping each other through it and inspires others to be thankful. So take a few moments to ask yourself this question, ‘What am I grateful for?’, write down your answer and reflect on your journey. I think we can all agree, getting to the end of this year is an achievement within itself and let's look forward to what 2021 will bring! 

We thought we’d share some personal examples of what each member of our team is grateful for: 


Marketing Executive

  • Being with my family through probably the worst pandemic ever
  • Having food and a place to live
  • Being able to read and access to books
  • Living in the same place as my two best friends (we haven't all been living in the same city for 10 years)
  • Forging a new and exciting life plan when 2020 turned an existing one on its head


Customer Operations Executive

  • The Weather -  this year has shown how much the weather impacts our lives. The first lockdown seemed an easier time as we had nice weather to be able take advantage of the countryside.
  • My Doggo Fawn - For my brother more than me as I was still working, but in the first lockdown he literally had nothing to do so every day he would walk miles with Fawn and I feel like it kept him sane. For me now it's just so nice to work from home with my best friend.
  • My win for the year would be I am on track to have trained CrossFit 300 days this year

Graphic Designer


  • Being healthy
  • Starting a new job and meeting people that I admire there
  • Being a naturally patient person (helped me a lot through all this)
  • Being able to move house



Customer Operations Manager

  • New job
  • The chance to reconsider my priorities
  • Family and friends even though we have not been able to meet up
  • My house and garden (as I have spent more time at home this year)



Social Media Executive

  • My health 
  • My family and friends and their health
  • The roof over my head and the food on my plate 
  • My wonderful and kind mum who was so supportive when my partner got Covid-19 and we both had to isolate 
  • My amazing job, and the inspirational and forward-thinking people I work with
  • The time I’ve been able to dedicate to myself to master the art of yoga!



  • The inspiring effort put in by the Axis team who were formed and built remotely into roles that no-one was really specialising in prior to this group.
  • My boy's nursery for helping him have a sense of normality during crazy times.
  • Easyjet, who allowed me to see my Mum on my one trip to Ireland this year.
  • The tens of thousands of customers we've been talking to this year who've inspired us, made us laugh, cry but most importantly trusted us - a new brand - with their safety and protection during these last 8 months.




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