Why Choose Trusted PPE? - Our Story

During such challenging times, the health and wellbeing of our families, loved ones, colleagues and customers has never been more important. At Trusted PPE, we are able to safely deliver personal protective equipment (PPE) for you and your family, directly to your door, with next day delivery available. We are proud to be supporting the nation by offering low-cost, high-quality protective face masks and hand sanitisers


The Driving Force
Trent Peek, founder of Trusted PPE, received a call from a customer in mid-February who turned to us for help after struggling to source hand sanitiser from their usual supplier. Fortunately, our strong supply chain enabled us to source the required products at a better rate than what our customer had been previously paying. After further conversations, the realisation hit that other businesses across the country would also be facing supply chain issues and potential losses as a result of the coronavirus. As the virus continuously spread, it also became apparent that not only would large scale organisations benefit from reliable PPE supplies, but so would the public in their everyday lives.

The current, very challenging circumstances have undoubtedly caused a lot of stress, pressure and worry upon individuals, businesses and families. Adding to this pressure, the Trusted PPE team was noticing a rise in the number of rogue traders exploiting the PPE market and profiteering from sales. These unethical suppliers of PPE provided a greater driving force for us to continue doing what we were doing - supplying the nation with low-cost and high-quality, certified products as protection against the spread of the virus. 

Trusted PPE not only takes pride in its reliable product offering, but also its expert guidance and advice to the nation on how and what to look out for when purchasing legitimate PPE online. With so much confusion amongst individuals and businesses on when and where to use PPE, and how to source it, we hope to make our information as clear and as educational as possible. For example, our informative Guide to Sourcing Trustworthy Protective Equipment and our Do I need a face mask for returning to work? blog can help to give clearer insights.


The Product Range

Our product range includes two types of antibacterial hand sanitising gels and four types of protective face masks. Quantities range from 50 to 5,000 and all products are stored at Trusted PPE’s UK warehouse in Nottinghamshire. All products can be shipped for next day delivery and each order placed will see 10p of the order donated to COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

To see full specifications of each of our products listed above, please visit our dedicated product pages. For further information or advice regarding any of our products, please email a member of our team at info@trustedppe.co.uk or visit our FAQ page.