Happy International Women's Day

On International Women's Day, it's a time to observe the social, political, economic, and cultural achievements of women, and to reflect on how far we’ve come. It’s also a time to recognise how much farther we still have to go. The struggle for equality is a continuous battle and one that requires the collective efforts of everyone – not just women.

For International Women's Day, we ask the inspiring women who work at Trusted PPE to share their thoughts with us; What IWD means to them and the importance of supporting women in the workplace:



Ari, our Graphic Designer, shares her thoughts: 

Looking back, I think the workforce in all the companies I’ve worked for was mainly female. So I have always been surrounded by amazing women, and that definitely helped improve my self-esteem as a professional. Women can do anything! 

Unfortunately, things are not always perfect. Sometimes I’d notice that a few colleagues would be more respected just because they were… men! In addition to that, it also really hurt me that I’d see some of my female co-workers competing between themselves, always trying to outdo the other. 

I started wondering why would they be friends in real life, but not work consistently as a team? Then I noticed this was a patriarchy value dragged into our minds from early ages, and not just surrounding the workplace. For instance, have you ever watched a film in which two girlfriends start fighting each other over a romantic interest or over who’s got the most awesome wedding? 

This reflects a toxic culture that doesn’t appeal to me at all. Welcoming, supporting and respecting my women colleagues is a value that is very dear to my heart. And by having genuine bonds with them, I have found it also to be a way of staying together to fight sexism in the workplace.



Chloe, our Social Media Executive, shares her thoughts: 

Don’t underestimate the power of women supporting each other at work.

Last year, I was working for a very toxic company. During this time, I met two amazing women; we intuitively understood what one another was experiencing and formed a friendship like no other. We stuck together as we found our way out of this very dark place. That experience will stay with me forever; the unity I felt with these women made me realise the power we hold when we work together and the change we can make happen! 

“One woman can make a difference, but together we can rock the world!”



Jess, our Customer Operations Executive, shares her thoughts: 

Being a women and being comfortable with yourself whether that be in a workplace or personal life is a hard task but once you find this, it's a beautiful thing. You don't need to wear uncomfortable clothes & make up you don't want to wear, or change yourself for anyone, you can just be you and be respected for that. Acceptance and equality shouldn't be something women should settle with... but to be respected, looked up to, and to be the best version of yourself is the goal. ''Be the best me''- Katrin Davidsdottir.



Meg, our Commercial Operations Manager, shares her thoughts: 

Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”, which is true, and I always try to keep in mind nowadays, but at times in my career this, unfortunately, hasn’t always been the case. 

The negative experiences I have encountered in the workplace reside as a dim recollection and only serve as a reminder of the importance of IWD. However, the positive experiences have shaped me into who I am today, and I fondly remember:


  • When colleagues have celebrated my successes with me.
  • A former manager who taught and inspired me to be a people manager.
  • The colleagues who have simply asked if I was OK when I wasn’t and trying to hide it.
  • The team members who have recognised the work I have done.
  • The people that defended me and stood with me. 
  • All the friends and colleagues that have given me the pep talks I needed. 
  • The people that have encouraged me and told me that I can do anything I want to.
  • The people that have believed in me.


There are hundreds of examples that I could give of both women and men that have had a positive impact on my career and life...the people that support women and see us as equals. As another First Lady, Michelle Obama, said “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” Which I believe. So thank you to all the women and men out there who support us.