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It’s that time of year... The countdown to Halloween has begun and with face masks now a required accessory, we’re making the best of it by creating the best Halloween face coverings based on Trusted PPE's best-selling washable reusable face masks.

We have a limited edition pack of 3 Halloween themed Nano Copper Ion face coverings that provide reusable protections for up to 50 washes. They’re also reversible so when you’re a little low on the spooky spirit just turn them over to the subtle black side.

Limited Edition Patterned Masks

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With fancy dress season nearly upon us, Hallowe'en is the perfect excuse to have some fun with your face mask. Costume not needed – just put on one of Trusted PPE's three exclusive Hallowe'en masks and you're ready to trick or treat.

As we’ve been adapting to the new normal, our face mask style has been very much focused on rather more serious face coverings for school or the workplace.  But with fancy dress season nearly upon us, Hallowe'en is the perfect excuse to have some fun with your face mask. Costume not needed – just put on one of Trusted PPE's three exclusive Hallowe'en masks and you're ready to trick or treat.  And when you're feeling a little less seasonal, these masks are fully reversible and can revert back to our standard black mask.

These exclusive, washable face coverings are made with Nano Copper Ion fabric to provide a safe, comfortable fit. Adjustable ear loops mean the face covering is suitable for all face sizes including men, women and children. The two-layer stretchable fabric provides greater comfort and prevents leakage. The washable Trusted PPE face covering is an effective barrier against bacteria and airborne particles.

Whilst these face coverings do not have a nose clip, the comfortable fit is achieved by the easy to adjust ear loops and the stretchable fabric, ensuring that the nose and mouth are safely covered.

These washable face coverings are a more environmentally-friendly option than disposable masks. The pack of 3 includes three unique Hallowe'en designs.

    Please note these face coverings are non-medical grade masks and not intended for use in medical environments.

    Standard Face Covering Product information:
    • Adjustable ear loops
    • Reusable - 4 hours max wear time
    • Copper Ion Component 2526 PPM
    • Material: 85% Polyester & 15% Spandex
    • Sealed pack of 3 masks
    • 200mm (width) x 140mm (height)

    WARNING: This device is not a medical device within the meaning of Directive 93/42 or Regulation EU / 2017/745, nor is it a personal protective equipment within the meaning of Regulation EU / 2016/425.

    Caring for your reusable, washable face covering:
    These face coverings are designed to be hand-washed, wash no hotter than 30 degrees. Allow air-drying.

    For a full guide on how to safely wear a protective face covering, please click here.